Building a Better Main Street in Historic Reisterstown

Main Street Banner Competition

As we celebrate the special qualities of our town, we challenge you to design a banner that will entice Main Street commuters to stop, shop, stroll and dine in our historic district.

Because these banners will greet all those who travel along Main Street, they should boldly emphasize the unique characteristics of Reisterstown, including its rich history.

The winning design should be bold, simple and creative.  We want to give commuters a reason to slow down and stop along this historic route, so your banner must be visible at a distance and engage the commuter while traveling.  In other words, your banner should entice commuters to stop and explore our town, but should not require commuters to stop in order to read your banner. It should also give commuters a reason to visit this website,, and should include our domain name in the banner itself.

The Design Committee of the Reisterstown Improvement Association shall appoint three judges to review each entry for originality, visual appeal, and impact.

The winning design will be displayed on banners throughout the Historic District for two years, and the artist will receive a grand prize of $500.00.

Technical Specifications:

Banner Dimensions

  1. You must e-mail your design to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the form of a 800 x 400 pixel JPG file so that the proportions of your design will accommodate a 36" x 18" banner as shown. Please include your name, address and telephone number in your email;
  2. Although your artwork may bleed into the banner stitching and grommet areas on the template, these portions of your banner must not be essential to your design and must be suitable for cropping at least one inch from the edges and the grommet stitch areas;
  3. Your design should leave sufficient space for sponsor names to be printed in the 6" above the lower stitching of the banner;
  4. Beyond dimensions, you are limited to the color white and two other solid colors in designing your banner. So, for example, you can have a red, white and blue banner, but not a red, green and blue banner (And, yes, black is considered a color for this purpose);
  5. Your banner must promote this website, boldly displaying the domain name, "";
  6. Submissions must contain your original artwork and may not include any copyrighted material;
  7. The Committee reserves the right to award second or third place prizes to those designs meriting such recognition;
  8. The winning design, and any second or third place designs, shall become the property of RIA.  All prize winners agree to the use of their name and likeness in any promotion of the banner contest or banner program.  Prize winners agree to make revisions of their designs as needed to meet the objectives of RIA’s streetscape efforts;
  9. As entries are received, they will be displayed on, or other media to promote the banner competition. The judges will take viewer feedback into account, so the earlier you submit your entry, the more feedback you will receive;
  10. You may submit more than one entry, but we would encourage you to limit your submissions to your very best work;
  11. This competition is open to all.

You need not submit vector graphics or EPS files. But because the winning entry must be displayed on a 36" x 18" banner, the winning entry must be converted to vector graphics as an EPS file. Thus, if possible, you should design your entry using a vector graphics program.