Building a Better Main Street in Historic Reisterstown

Things You Love Antiques & Gifts

Maggie and John Herman
Things You Love Antiques & Gifts

Why settle for the ordinary when RIA Board Member Maggie Herman can help you find things you love in a log cabin full of furniture, glassware, jewelry, home decor and gifts?

Set in a 1777 log cabin once owned by Philip Reister, Maggie and John Herman have filled the house with an eclectic array of furniture, glassware, mirrors, chairs, vanities, jewelry and new gift items. The house has also become a very popular spot for those who enjoy painting, repurposing and other DIY projects.

Wine bottle covers in the shape of a doctor, chef, hairdresser, waiter, fisherman or other occupations. Disguised as a small piano, a cheeseboard opens to an array of cutting utensiles perfect for any party. Cheese markers made from vintage spoons stamped with the type of cheese. Fine furniture, chandeliers, vintage books.  Items of every kind and description ... and some which defy any description.

There's something for everyone to love at Things You Love Antiques and Gifts.

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