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Facade Improvement Grant Program

Reisterstown Improvement Association (RIA) works to deepen direct service to the community along Main Street with an opportunity to help property owners. Our goal is to preserve and improve our historic facades expecting our town will enjoy substantial economic benefits from "dressing up" Main Street.

RIA has spent the past 10 years working closely with several entities including Baltimore County, the State of Maryland, the State Highway Administration, and various other community organizations to maintain and improve the streetscapes within the CRD and along Main Street. The Facade Improvement Grant Program will seek to fill an additional gap in the needs of Historic Reisterstown by providing an incentive to improve the appearance of three buildings per year and partner with local vendors and suppliers to undertake such upgrades. 

Several property owners have not been able to financially justify upkeep of or modifications to their properties, as they were purchased at the height of the pre-crisis market (2005-2009) and have subsequently seen substantial devaluations in their property. This creates a downward cycle of neglect, whereby buildings are not kept up, their property values decline, and because of their appearance they are less likely to attract future tenants. In other cases, properties have simply been neglected for decades. These deteriorating buildings serve as a blight on the community and drag down property values and rents throughout the CRD. 

RIA will assist property owners on Historic Main Street navigate opportunities and incentives in Baltimore County such as Architect on Call and low-interest loans (BILP) available to them. We are also offering our own grants up to $5,000.00 per property for 3 applicants scored on the following criteria: Historical significance of the building, Extent of building's needed upgrades, Scale of planned work, Feasibility of planned work, Progress previously made to obtain plans, permits, and approvals, Leveraged funding in place (for projects over $10,000, loan funds must be in the form of BILP loan funds previously awarded), and Fit with character of Main Street properties and compliance with federal historic preservation guidelines. 

For information and to request a meeting email Brendan   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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