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Smelly Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air. And as our Woodland Trails volunteers learned firsthand, one can even smell it from a distance.

If the thermometer doesn't tell you, the smell of the great outdoors certainly will.

Spring has arrived.

During the Woodland Trails clean up last week, one of our volunteers made an exciting discovery.

Violet Hannibal, an eagle-eyed 7-year-old, found a bizarre looking plant growing near the stream. We alerted the rest of the group to come see her discovery. Violet had found one of the first harbingers of spring – Skunk Cabbage!

One of the first plants to emerge in the Spring, "Skunk Cabbage" may even bloom when there is snow on the ground. Once everyone closely examined the distinctive maroon and green leaves protruding from the muddy earth we spread out and began searching for some more. There were many clusters of the distinctive pointy and hooded shaped leaves in the marshy ground.

Of course, the leaves of this plant aren't its only distinctive feature. As we all discovered when one member of our troop accidentally stepped on one, Skunk Cabbage emits quite an odor when disturbed. But, as the first sign of Spring, no one seemed to mind.

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