Building a Better Main Street in Historic Reisterstown

Restoration Reisterstown

Connie Joseph
Restoration Reisterstown

Restoring Reisterstown’s history from the inside out, Restoration Reisterstown’s Connie Joseph takes pride in making forgotten furniture, accent pieces and decorations unforgettable.

All too often, we discard furniture and antiques at the end of their “useful life,” losing sentimental value and pieces of our history along the way. That’s why this Reisterstown resident believes it important to breath new life into worn down furniture, kitchens and more by turning them into something fabulous.

Connie and her team of skilled furniture restoration experts have spent many years restoring and refinishing high quality interior furnishings – new and old, large and small. They apply this same skill to creating custom pieces designed to fit the decor of your home perfectly.

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