Building a Better Main Street in Historic Reisterstown

Herb Weiss

Herb Weiss
Herb Weiss

Herb Weiss is the new Reisterstown Improvement Association President, but he is not new to Main Street.

Many of us know Herb as the hands-on physical therapist at Reisterstown Physical Therapy whose friendly, personal attention helps us cope with the aches and pains of life.

But, to our community, Herb's help goes well beyond joints and muscles. As a long-time resident and former neighborhood association president, Herb is keenly aware of local issues that concern residents. As RIA president, he welcomes input from homeowners and businesspersons alike and strives to generate community involvement in R.I.A. activities and other nearby happenings.

When he is not treating patients or working on community issues, Herb can be seen riding his bicycle all over town, solving the New York Times crossword puzzle, or brewing beer at home.

Contact Information

  • Phone
    (410) 526-5300
    • 461 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136