Word of Life International Church

Rev. Ivon Brooms
Word of Life International Church

Apparently, the Word is spreading on Main Street. Formed nearly a decade ago, this spirited congregation has grown into a multinational movement.

But, in Reisterstown, it's just down the street

Welcoming congregants from across the globe, this diverse fellowship seeks to glorify God and spread His love to worshipers in Reisterstown and all across the Greater Baltimore area. Led by Rev. Ivon Brooms, the Church shows God's love in a practical way to through acts of kindness and community service.

Whether you are frustrated with other congregations or have never even attended a church service, you will find their Sunday morning service to be as inviting as it is relevant.

Spread the Word.

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Reisterstown Improvement Association
P.O. Box 856, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
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