First Maryland Reenactment Group

Kim Drapkin
First Maryland Reenactment Group

The Civil War wasn't much fun the first time around. But the members of Reisterstown's First Maryland Reenactment Group are having a blast reliving it.

First Maryland wouldn't change the outcome of the War. But members of this close-knit, family oriented unit have changed our perspectives on this pivotal period of American history and on Maryland's role within it.

Sharing history with groups of all ages, First Maryland's exciting reenactments demonstrate the impact on Union and Confederate soldiers, as well as on the lives of Maryland civilians. In their quest to educate the public about the Civil War in Maryland, members of this unit regularly participate in parades, living histories and reenactments throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Because the War changed the lives of all Marylanders, First Maryland welcomes members of all ages -- even those who would be too young to enlist in the actual conflict. So whether you are still in school or ready to retire, First Maryland wants you to join the fun of reliving history without the messy casualties.

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